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UPVC Roof Ridge
UPVC Roof Ridge
UPVC Roof Ridge
UPVC Roof Ridge
UPVC Roof Ridge
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Specification of

UPVC Roof Ridge, to uPVC roof ber INVIDECK brand in particular serves to Cover the roof On the top of the roof. Made of uPVC which are more Solid And Proven much more resistant to weather changes, rather than an easy Fiber Roof Stands.

The main feature of uPVC Roof Ridge:

  • Corrosion Resistant, Fireproof, Resistant To Pressure
  •  UPVC Roof Ridge Resistant To Leak, Under The Correct Installation
  •  UPVC Roof Ridge

Highly Resistant To Impact And Rupture

  •  UPVC Roof RidgeFlexible And Easy To Be Mounted
  •  UPVC Roof RidgeLightweight, So Sparing In The Use Of The Framework
  •  uPVC Resistant To Uv Rays And Weather Changes

Specification for uPVC Roof Ridge:

  • Length: 118 cm (effective 105 cm)-Ridge Top

1.3 m-the harder Side (135 degrees & 90 degrees)

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