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Polycarbonate U Profile
Polycarbonate U Profile
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Specification of Polycarbonate U Profile

List of connecting accessories for awnings that are made of PC (Polycarbonate), Serves to Connect Between Roofs of Poly to Become Strong and Sturdy Construction. The Polycarbonate Profile U List Is Easy To Install, Serves Also Effectively Prevents Sheet From Damage. Using Polycarbonate List U Connectors Can Also Make Water Resistant And Safety In The Sharpest Parts.


     Color: Clear (Transparent Clear)
     Length: 6 M
     Width: 2 cm
     Used For Thickness: 4 Mm - 6 Mm

Main feature :

     Fireproof, At Very High Temperatures, Materials Melt But Fire Does Not Spread.
     Will Not Crack or Split When Cut, Sawed or Drilled.
     100% can be recycled.

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