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Insulation Roofing Metalizing

Last Updated
02 May 2023
Minimum Order
1 Meter

Specification of Insulation Roofing Metalizing

Aluminum Foil Bubble Roof Insulation anti-heat the roof of the building is processed with advanced technology machines, 3 in 1 insulation function, can be installed for the roof or walls, environmentally friendly, safe for health, free of dust, non-allergic, lightweight & practical installation, strong anti bubble broke, 5thn warranty *.

One of the Aluminum Foil Bubble Roof Insulation products: air bubble laminated foil is guaranteed to provide excellent performance. In terms of affordable prices, the ease of application is compared with the attenuation results achieved. FLAB (Foil Laminated Air Bubble) or Air Bubble Lamination Foil is made of special grade Air Bubble that is super-elastic, laminated top and bottom with heat-resistant foil.

How it works Aluminum Foil Bubble Roof Insulation:
The heat retaining foil will reflect 97% heat energy and the remaining 3% heat energy will be absorbed and transmitted (emissivity) to the next layer only 0.03% of 3%. The air contained in the air bubble air bag will function as an air-gap that holds heat transfer to the bottom side of the foil. The lower side foils will retain the remaining heat so that the damping will be perfect. Follow the instructions to install a good roof heat insulation to get optimal damping results.

Aluminum Foil Bubble Roof Insulation has advantages:

    3 in 1: heat insulation, moisture retaining and muffling rain noises on the zinc / spandek roof
    Aluminum Foil Bubble Roof Insulation can be used for building roofs or wall insulation
    Light, strong, air bubbles do not break easily
    Low emissivity surface film
     125 cm wide
     Safe for health: Lint free / Dust, Anti Allergy
     Fast, practical and clean installation
     Environmentally friendly, can be recycled
     Fire Retardant additives
     Product life guarantee up to 5 years * (Terms and conditions apply)

Aluminum Foil Bubble Roof Insulation Specifications:

    Material: Metalized PET
    Thickness: 4 mm
    Layer: 4 Layer (One Side & Double Side)
    Width: 125 cm
    Length: 25 M
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