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Rooftile PVC Royal Roof
Rooftile PVC Royal Roof
Rooftile PVC Royal Roof
Rooftile PVC Royal Roof
Rooftile PVC Royal Roof
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Royal Roof Tile or Roof Tile Roof UPVC Royal is an innovative product made from ASA / PPMA and UPVC. The unique, sturdy and patented Royal tile construction makes installation easier, more efficient and makes the appearance of the building modern and more attractive at competitive prices if compared to conventional tiles.

    Strong and durable.
    Anti-shatter is not like concrete tile & Anti-dent is not like metal tile
    Can reduce room temperature to 4 ° C compared to outside temperature.
    Resistant to corrosion and oxidation caused by chemicals.
    Suitable for extreme temperature areas like Indonesia.
    Without Phthalates.
    Without BPA (Bisphenol).

Building materials with size specifications:
    Thickness: 2.6 mm
    Weight / m (+): 4.7 kg / M2
    Max Load: 110 Kg
    Warranty: 10 years
    Width: 104 cm (Effective: 96 cm)
    Length: 198 cm (Effective: 176 cm)
    Number of Panels: 6 x 9 panels (effective 6 x 8)
    Heat Resistance: 60 C ''
    Slope Angle: 30 ''
    Color: Maroon, Blue, Green (Call For Stock)

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If there are questions, about the product or those that are unclear, you can contact us for more information

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