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Roof Tile Transparant
Roof Tile Transparant
Roof Tile Transparant
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Sell Transparent Plastic Roof Tile

The installation of transparent plastic roofing tiles is not much different from metal or clay tile. The width of these tiles speeds up the time to work on a house. The technology used is more transparent transparent plastic roofing. This roof tile is made of polycarbonate (PC) plastic material, which is a steel material that is anti-UV coated so it is durable.

Because of their light weight, transparent plastic roof tiles ease the burden borne by the roof truss. This roof tile is quite popular because it looks trendy and can be an option for a transparent roof to connect with metal roof tiles. Transparent plastic tile roofs are currently available in various sizes, colors and shapes of profiles.

The advantages of transparent plastic roofing tiles:

    Easy and fast installation so it is more efficient than ordinary tile installation.
    Save material because it has a wider span.
    Anti-UV coated.
    Using anti-breakage material so you don't have to worry about leaking.


    Material: Polycarbonate Plastic (PC)
    Profile: 1x4, 2x4, 2x2
    Thickness: 0.8 mm

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