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Alderon Roofing
Alderon Roofing
Alderon Roofing
Alderon Roofing
Alderon Roofing
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With the trend of upvc roofing roofs such as ALDERON, ROOFTOP, SUNPANEL, HOLODECK ROOF, now finally MASPION releases Maspion uPVC Roof products Superoof is made of high-performance PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) with high quality anti UV and heat protection additives with very competitive alderon roofing prices .

The latest latest breakthrough that presents roof products using the best combination of materials to present a more innovative, superior quality roof.

Alderon Maspion roof is a complete roofing solution designed in accordance with current market needs that wants the price of a competitive alderon roof and made using the latest extrusion machines, resulting in a roof that is easily installed according to market needs.

Our Early Selling Roof Alderon maspion is a wave roof that has a cavity in the middle with uPVC base material that has the best performance in its class. With the design and technological advantages that are used to produce uPVC roofs, the product warranty will be maintained.


    Total width: 890 mm
    Effective Width: 840 mm (after overlap)
    Length: 1-7 m / Custom *
    Material: UPVC High Performance
    Color: White, Custom Color *
    Slope Angle: 15 °
    Reng / Rattan: 1.2 M
    Type: Doff (Solid Color)
    Total thickness: 12 mm
    Weight: 5.5 kg / m 'run

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