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Polycarbonate Solid Sheet Solarflat (1.2 mm)
Polycarbonate Solid Sheet Solarflat (1.2 mm)
Polycarbonate Solid Sheet Solarflat (1.2 mm)
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Specification of

SOLARFLAT is a solid flat polycarbonate sheet with the highest clarity and impact resistance, manufactured using the best materials and with the latest technology from Europe with operated with experience for more than 30 years in the industry. It has a translucent level like glass, it is also very strong, Solartuff Solid's polycarbonate roof is one of the complete solutions for partitions where this product fits in combination with existing exterior and interior. SOLARFLAT protects you and your family from UV rays, making the atmosphere more comfortable while still enjoying the incoming sunlight like a glass canopy. Where quality and appearance is your lifestyle, SOLARFLAT is the choice you should choose.

Key Features Solarflat Transparent Roof Polycarbonate:

• Solarflat Clear as Glass

• Solarflat 250 Times More Stronger From Glass, And 20 Times More Stronger Of Acrylics

• Flat And Smooth Surface Solarflat

• Solarflat Hold Leaks, Under Proper Installation

• Solarflat Very Resistant Conflict And Flat Resistant

• Solarflat Flexible And Easy To Install

• Lightweight Solarflat, So Efficient In Frame Use

• Solarflat Resistant to Weather Changes And UV Light

• Solarflat Can Become A Soundproof Partition Solarflat Transparent Roof Transparent

Application Products Polycarbonate:

• Transparent Roof, Glass Canopy, Gazebo, Dome

• Green House Roof

• Vertical Toll Road Toll Limiters

• Partitions For Public Buildings Exposed By Clashes And Vandalism

• Plastic For Your Security And Security Needs

• Anti-riot Tameng

• Factory Machine Protector

• Signage, Lamp, Neon Lamps

• Board Advertising, Decorative Lamps

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