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Corrugated Platic Roofing Multilite (Roma)
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Sell Corrugated Platic Roofing Multilite (Roma)

Specification of Corrugated Platic Roofing Multilite (Roma)

MULTILITE is a polypropylene (PP) plastic zinc roof which has been specially formulated to make it easy for you to choose the right transparent fiber product for your home.

Plastic Transparent Plastic Roof Products Polypropylene (PP) is a tested roof of its strength. Another advantage of this transparent plastic fiber roof is that it is very easy to install and very easy to clean with which it can provide added value with roofing products. others.

Key Features Multilite Plastic Roof:

• Good Uv Resistance, Consists Of 2 Upper and Lower Layers
• Much More Resistant From Similar Roofs, Not Changing Forms When Cold Weather Cold
• Waves Can Be Combined With Plastic Asbital Zinc Roof
• Absorbs Almost 100% of Uv Sunlight Radiation
• Mute Sound Better Than Its Similar Products
• Lightweight, Economical, And Easy

Multilite Plastic Roof Product Application:

• Greenhouse Roof
• Pergolas Roof Cover
• Roof Sport Halls
• Transparent Roof of Warehouse and Storage Industry
• Transparent Roof Swimming Pool Blank And Coop
• Transparent Canopy Roof
• Transparent Fence Cover
• Transparent roof of clothesline
• Transparent roof gazebo
• Transparent Terrace Roof

Multilite Plastic Roof Specifications:

• Waves: Rome (Spherical)
• Length (Meter): 1.8; 2.1; 2.4; 3.0
• Thickness (mm): 0.6
• Width (Cm): 82 (Roma)
• Effective Width (Cm): 75
• Color: Clear

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